London’s FIRST sanctioned BACK TO BACK 300 games!

1902852_10152053575737781_620972278_n[1]This is no April Fools joke!

On April 1, 2014, just like every other Tuesday night, T.J. Lariviere came to bowl at Bowlerama Royale in his GMDD mixed league.

As it turns out this wasn’t just any Tuesday night…

it was a record breaking night for T.J. and for London and District!



Game 1 = 239

Game 2 = 300

Game 3 = 300

Series = 839

The London and District records have been checked back to 1965 when the 1st 300 was bowled by Paul Dimitrick.  Back to Back 300’s in a series has not been achieved in London and District History!

BIG CONGRATULATIONS TO T.J.!  We all share in your excitement!