London and District Ten Pin Bowling Association serves Middlesex, Elgin and Oxford counties’ Canadian Tenpin Federation (CTF) members.

A non-profit association chartered by Canadian Ten Pin Federation (CTF) and subject to its authority.  Our purpose is to provide an equal opportunity to our bowling community.  Along with promoting the game of ten pin bowling, we conduct and support amateur bowling competition.

London and District was formed in 1908 and has represented sanctioned bowlers by managing CTF membership fees, assisting leagues with questions about CTF membership, policies, and complaints within their leagues.

London and District manages scholarship funds earned by youth bowlers.  We also award bowlers for both league and individual achievements in leagues and tournaments.

We manage tournaments within the district to ensure fair, competitive play under CTF standardized rules and regulations, provide bowler sanction averages for tournaments run by other districts, provinces, CTF itself or international entities.

We are thrilled to be in the works of organizing several tournaments this coming season. Youth Singles, Doubles & Teams, Youth Singles Scholarship, Adult Seniors Tournament, and the potential of a mixed tournament between Youth, Adults and Seniors

London & District also holds an annual awards night to celebrate the accomplishments of the season. This event is for all sanctioned bowlers and guests.  It is a nice evening spent recognizing the hard work and dedication that our bowlers have shown through out the season.

CTF does require all bowlers who bowl over 21 games in a league in a season to be sanctioned.

We collect all sanction applications and fees and enter information on the CTF database. The fee per bowler is $26 for the entire year which is less than a dollar per week of your season. You only need to pay this fee once in a season if you are in multiple sanctioned leagues. There is a method that some leagues employ that avoid the sanction fee after the bowler has paid the fee in their first year.  Please do not hesitate to ask one of us about this method.

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