2017 Youth Tournament Results

This year we started something new with our Youth Tournaments by having them all in one weekend.  This was to try and eliminate the conflicts with other tournaments, but also to begin to build an annual EVENT.

This year the tournaments were held Feb 25 and 26, 2017 at both Heritage and C&D Lanes.

We were also very lucky to have this event sponsored by DMAC AUTOMATION http://www.dmacautomation.com.  Thanks to their generosity, there was an additional $4000 in scholarship paid out for this event.  THANK YOU DMAC AUTOMATION for your interest in our youth !!!


Youth Doubles Results 2017

Youth Singles Results 2017

Youth Team Results 2017


From Heritage Lanes  – Xander Dickie, Nathan Davie, Abby Crossett  and Madison Crossett with a team all events score of  8942! They each received $20.00 scholarships

dmac automation has been a great sponsor for youth sports in the London and St. Thomas areas. We thank you so much for helping our youth bowlers by providing scholarship funds!

2015 – 2016 Youth Scholarship Award Winners Announced

Congratulations to this years recipients of the London and District Youth Scholarship Award…

  • Sydney Fargnoli, Bowlerama Royale
  • Dawson Sears, Bowlerama Royale 
  • Jamie Figg, Bowlerama Royale
  • Dylan Figueiredo, Bowlerama Royale

Each recipient received $1000 in scholarship!

Since 1994 London and District has awarded $39,450 in scholarship.

2017 L&D Youth Tournaments

NEW THINGS are coming starting in 2017!  ANNOUNCING our London and District Ten Pin Bowling Association Annual Youth Tournaments – sponsored by DMAC AUTOMATION

Idmac-logo-small-2t is with great pleasure that we announce our youth tournaments will bring a new sponsor … DMAC Automation http://www.dmacautomation.com.  DMAC Automation will contribute to our scholarship fund so the scholarship prizes will be greatly increased!

You will notice that we are combining all tournaments in one great weekend.  2017 brings with it some exciting changes which are the start of making this an annual EVENT.  Along with increased scholarships…we hope to create some friendly competition between our youth bowling programs with the addition of the Chaplin Challenge this year.  Entry deadline is Feb 13, 2017.

Entry forms and rules can be printed below:



The Chaplin Challenge is a new element being added to the London & District Tenpin Bowling Association Youth Tournaments starting in Feb 2017.

This challenge was named in dedication to a great coach and mentor “Dave Chaplin”. Dave coached many generations of youth in London for over 40 years and this Challenge was created to continue his legacy.  


The cup originated when it was presented to the Huron Junior Bowlers by Frederick Lanes in Kitchener at the very last tournament they competed in before Huron Bowl closed. The former Huron executive decided this would follow them when they merged with Bowlerama Royale.  There it became the award for their annual youth match play tournament.  When Dave Chaplin passed away this cup became the “DAVE CHAPLIN MEMORIAL CUP.”

Starting Feb 2017, it is now time to raise the CUP so Dave’s Legacy is not forgotten.   With Dave’s grandson Robbie’s blessing, The Chaplin Memorial Cup and Scholarship will be shared with all London and District youth in the form of the Chaplin Challenge.


This CHALLENGE was implemented to create competition between the London and District Youth Programs and will run in conjunction with the London & District Youth Tournaments.

At the end of 9 games (Singles, Doubles and Teams) the top 2 females and top 2 males from each house will become the house phantom team. The team with the highest combined 9 game total ALL EVENTS including handicap will be the Chaplin Cup winner!

Top 2 females and top 2 males must have bowled in ALL 3 EVENTS (Singles, Doubles and Teams)

The Cup will be engraved with the winners and will be displayed at the tournaments as well as at the Banquet where the winners will be awarded.

Scholarship to be determined based on available funds.

2015 – 2016 Youth Achievements




Jadyn Graham – Bowlerama Royale

  • High Average          98      
  • High Triple             364
  • High Single            157                 
  • Most Improved      +22                                 


Tristan Badder  – Bowlerama Royale

  •  High Average          72       

Isaac McCoubrey  – Heritage Lanes

  • High Triple             324     

Joshua Lemon  – Bowlerama Royale

  • High Single              136     

Joshua Figueiredo – Heritage Lanes

  • Most Improved       +16     



Angel Schuyler  –  Bowlerama Royale   

  • High Average            135     
  • High Triple                502
  • High Single                197

 Lexie Minor – Bowlerama Royale             

  • Most Improved          +21



Cole Sitzes  – Bowlerama Royale           

  • High Average            178     
  • High Triple                659     
  • High Single                255

 Dylan Figueiredo – Heritage Lanes  

  • Most Improved          +41     



Sydney Fargnoli – Bowlerama Royale

  • High Average            158     

 Emilie Goulet-Magee – Bowlerama Royale

  • High Triple             581     

 Megan Landry –  Bowlerama Royale                 

  • High Single               233     

 Madison Crossett – Heritage Lanes

  • Most Improved          +24     



Brayden Vaughan – Bowlerama Royale

  • High Average           194                               
  • High Triple               740                                                          
  • High Single                269

 Xander Ballantine  – Bowlerama Royale 

  • Most Improved          +23



Mykaela Mitchell – Bowlerama Royale

  • High Average            200                                                                
  • High Triple                722                                                           
  • High Single                288

Brooke Gerada  – Heritage Lanes     

  • Most Improved          +15      



Dylan Scott  –  Bowlerama Royale          

  • High Average            191     
  • High Triple                710

Kyle Molto  – Bowlerama Royale              

  • High Single                300     

Brandon Crossett – Heritage Lanes

  • Most Improved          +33     



Ashley Quenneville – Bowlerama Royale

  • High Average        178                                                                   
  • High Triple            681                                                              
  • High Single             256                                                           
  • Most Improved          +2



Ryan Locker – Heritage Lanes      

  • High Average            207                                                                 
  • High Triple                746                                                           
  • High Single                277                                                           
  • Most Improved          +27

2014 – 2015 Youth Achievements




Jadyn Graham – High Average 76

Lexie Minor – High Triple 317 and  High Game 130

Savannah Chabot – Most Improved  +22


Tristan Badder – High Average 61, High Triple 229, High Single 95 and

Most Improved  +19


Sydney Fargnoli – High Average 140, High Triple 541, High Single 211 and

Most Improved  +25.12

Ellie Minor  –   Most Improved +25.12


Cole Sitzes – High Average 167, High Triple 654 and High Single 257

Ian Ingram – Most Improved +24


Rebekah Loker – High Average 180, High Triple 630 and High Single 257

Jamie Figg – Most Improved +29


Dylan Scott – High Average 180, High Triple 672 and High Single 280

Wesley Poole – Most Improved +21


Mykaela Mitchell – High Average 201, High Triple 723 and  High Single 268

Alisa Phillips – Most Improved +17


Tyson Schuyler – High Average 184, High Triple 668

Brennan Vaughan  – High Single 276

Austen Kowall-Decman – Most Improved +25


Ashley Quenneville – High Average 175

Victoria Molto – High Triple 647, High Single 265 and Most Improved +12


Robbie Chaplin – High Average 201, High Triple 735 and High Single 298

Jesse Murray – Most Improved +20

Lots of medals came home to London from CYC’s in Winnipeg!

The Canadian Youth Championships were held May 30 – Jun 1 in Winnipeg, MB.  This annual championship tournament brings 8 provincial teams of 6 youth bowlers together to compete for medals, scholarship and a National Title in each of Bantam, Junior, Intermediate and Senior divisions.

Southern Ontario won a total of 14 medals at this years competition … 7 GOLD, 2 SILVER and 5 BRONZE!  Contributing to this teams success were 3 youth from London and District who all came home with medals!

3 times GOLD

Rebekah Loker (pictured above left) from Woodstock, who bowls out of Bowlerama Royale, was the Junior Girl on the team.  This was Rebekah’s first time at CYC’s but competed at a National Level at YBC Nationals in 2012.  She had great success in Winnipeg bringing home Silver in the Team Event,  Gold in the Doubles Event, went undefeated to win Gold in Singles Event and became the 2015 Junior Girl National Champion! With that title she earned $175 scholarship thanks to funding from Sport Canada!

Brayden Vaughan (pictured above right) from St. Thomas, who bowls out of Heritage Lanes, was the Junior Boy on the team.  This was Brayden’s first ever National Tournament and he too brought home a GOLD medal in doubles having bowled the event with Rebekah Loker.  Brayden had stop competing at this tournament due to medical reasons but showed everyone what a great sportsman and team player he was when he cheered the rest of his teammates on for the remainder of the tournament.

Mykaela Mitchell (pictured above centre) from London, who bowls out of Bowlerama Royale, was the Intermediate Girl on the team.  This was Mykaela’s 3rd time at CYC’s and was able to bring home a Silver in the Team Event, Gold in the Doubles Event, Bronze in the Singles Event, and became the 2015 Intermediate Girl National Champion!  This is her 3rd National CYC’s title winning as a Bantam in 2010, Junior in 2012 and now Intermediate in 2015.  With that title she won a $200 scholarship thanks to funding from Sport Canada!

These 3 bowlers set goals at the beginning of the season…worked hard to make that dream a reality, showed perseverance and came out on top!  One game…one frame…one ball at a time!

Rebekah and Mykaela’s National Banners will be on display at Bowlerama Royale!




8 REASONS to CONGRATULATE Southern Ontario’s 10 Pin YOUTH Team!

so teamHigh fives and smiles all around for the Southern Ontario Team as they met with much success at this year’s YBC Nationals tournament in Toronto from May 2 – 4th, 2015.  This tournament brings the top 6 YBC bowlers from 8 provinces together to compete in the Boys Teams Event, Girls Teams Event, and Singles Events in Divisions of Bantam, Junior and Senior.  It took some stamina to bowl 21 games in 3 days and they sure showed they had it!

The 8 REASONS to CONGRATULATE Southern Ontario’s 10 Pin YOUTH Team…

  1. Southern Ontario Boys Team, Cole Sitzes, Joshua Bautista and Ryan Locker win GOLD!
  2. Southern Ontario Girls Team, Sydney Fargnoli, Sarah Klassen and Mykaela Mitchell win GOLD!
  3. Bantam Boy, Cole Sitzes (from London) wins GOLD in Singles!
  4. Junior Boy, Josh Bautista (from Brampton) wins GOLD in Singles!
  5. Bantam Girl, Sydney Fargnoli (from London) wins SILVER in Singles!
  6. Junior Girl, Sarah Klassen (from St. Catharines) wins SILVER in Singles!
  7. Senior Girl, Mykaela Mitchell (from London) wins BRONZE in Singles!
  8. Senior Girl, Mykaela Mitchell (from London) wins CARL MALCOLMSON $1000 SCHOLARSHIP AWARD for Tournament High Average!




$5,750 SCHOLARSHIP AWARDED at 2015 Ontario Youth Singles Championships!

On March 21 and 22nd, 2015 the 2015 Ontario Youth Singles Championships were held at Bowlerama Royale in London.

Congratulations to the scholarship winners!!!!

12 and over scratch girls

12 and over handicap girls

12 and over scratch boys

12 and over handicap boys

11 and under handicap girls

11 and under handicap boys

Full results can be found on http://www.otba.ca.

Ontario Youth Singles Poster

2014-2015 Youth Tournament Results

ALL EVENTS CHAMPIONS 2014/2015 were:

Girls – Madison Crossett Heritage Lanes +195 for the 3 events $100.00 scholarship
Boys – Mitch Hutchison Fleetway +219 for the 3 events $155.00 scholarship



2014/2015 London and District Youth Singles Scholarship Tournament Results

The Annual Youth Singles Tournament was held April 11, 2015 at Heritage Lanes in St. Thomas.  We had a great turnout and were able to pay out $1,100 in scholarship!  Congratulations to all the winners!


2014/2015 London and District Youth Team Tournament Results Jan 24, 2015

15 teams in 3 average divisions competed in the 2015 Youth Team Tournament held at Heritage Lanes.  CONGRATULATIONS!


Bowlerama Royale  Jamie Figg, Beka Loker, Wesley Shaw and Mykaela Mitchell


Fleetway                  Megan Landry, Curtis Merrick, Ashley Powell and Mitch Hutchison

C DIVISION up to 450

Heritage Lanes        Sarah Locker, Britney Davis,  Alex Davis  and Brayden Vaughan


2014/2015 London and District Youth Doubles Results Nov 8, 2014

33 teams in 5 average divisions competed in the 2014 Youth Doubles Tournament held at Bowlerama Royale.    CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR WINNERS!!!

Division A – 299 AND OVER

FIRST – Rebekah Loker/Mykaela Mitchell – Bowlerama Royale – TOTAL 1443

Division B – 269 TO 298

FIRST – Brayden Vaughan/Craig Coleman – Heritage Lanes – TOTAL 1532

SECOND – Jamie Figg/Wesley Shaw – Bowlerama Royale – TOTAL 1423

Division C – 239 TO 268

FIRST – Brooke Sears/Sydney Fargnoli – Bowlerama Royale – TOTAL 1404

Division D – 201 TO 238

FIRST – Alisa Phillips/Brandon Crosset – Heritage Lanes – TOTAL 1435

Division E – UP TO 200

FIRST – Britney Davis/Dylan Figueiredo – Heritage Lanes – TOTAL 1455

SECOND – Dawson Chabot/Savannah Chabot – Bowlerama Royale – TOTAL 1449



2014 – 2015 Youth Scholarship Award Winners Announced

Congratulations to this years recipients of the London and District Youth Scholarship Award…

  • Alana McNichol, Heritage Lanes
  • Rebekah Loker, Bowlerama Royale 
  • Caleb Ferguson, Bowlerama Royale

Each recipient received $900 in scholarship!

Since 1994 London and District has awarded $35,450 in scholarship.