8 REASONS to CONGRATULATE Southern Ontario’s 10 Pin YOUTH Team!

so teamHigh fives and smiles all around for the Southern Ontario Team as they met with much success at this year’s YBC Nationals tournament in Toronto from May 2 – 4th, 2015.  This tournament brings the top 6 YBC bowlers from 8 provinces together to compete in the Boys Teams Event, Girls Teams Event, and Singles Events in Divisions of Bantam, Junior and Senior.  It took some stamina to bowl 21 games in 3 days and they sure showed they had it!

The 8 REASONS to CONGRATULATE Southern Ontario’s 10 Pin YOUTH Team…

  1. Southern Ontario Boys Team, Cole Sitzes, Joshua Bautista and Ryan Locker win GOLD!
  2. Southern Ontario Girls Team, Sydney Fargnoli, Sarah Klassen and Mykaela Mitchell win GOLD!
  3. Bantam Boy, Cole Sitzes (from London) wins GOLD in Singles!
  4. Junior Boy, Josh Bautista (from Brampton) wins GOLD in Singles!
  5. Bantam Girl, Sydney Fargnoli (from London) wins SILVER in Singles!
  6. Junior Girl, Sarah Klassen (from St. Catharines) wins SILVER in Singles!
  7. Senior Girl, Mykaela Mitchell (from London) wins BRONZE in Singles!
  8. Senior Girl, Mykaela Mitchell (from London) wins CARL MALCOLMSON $1000 SCHOLARSHIP AWARD for Tournament High Average!




$5,750 SCHOLARSHIP AWARDED at 2015 Ontario Youth Singles Championships!

On March 21 and 22nd, 2015 the 2015 Ontario Youth Singles Championships were held at Bowlerama Royale in London.

Congratulations to the scholarship winners!!!!

12 and over scratch girls

12 and over handicap girls

12 and over scratch boys

12 and over handicap boys

11 and under handicap girls

11 and under handicap boys

Full results can be found on http://www.otba.ca.

Ontario Youth Singles Poster

London & District Youth secure 4 out of 6 spots on the YBC Southern Ontario Team!

4 steps provincial

The YBC 4 Steps to Stardom Tenpin 2015 Nationals will be held in Toronto, May 1 – 4th, 2015.  48 of Canada’s best youth tenpin bowlers from eight provinces will compete at this year’s National Championship.

Each bowler has 4 steps through the season to compete to try out for the National Top Spot in their division.
STEP 1: Each bowling centre qualifies their top bowlers to send to the zone round.  STEP 2: The zone round qualifies 4 bowlers in each division to send to the provincial round.
STEP 3: The Provincial round sends the 1st place Boy and Girl from each of 3 divisions to the National Championship filling 6 spots on the team.
STEP 4: The National Round which will be held this year in Toronto, May 1 – 4th, 2015.

The Southern Ontario provincial qualifier (STEP 3) was held in Burlington February 21st  where 4 out of 6 spots were secured by local bowlers Ryan Locker (Senior Boy) of St. Thomas and from London, Mykaela Mitchell (Senior Girl), Cole Sitzes (Bantam Boy) and Sydney Fargnoli (Bantam Girl).  All are very proud 1st time team members with the exception of Mykaela who was a team member in 2010, 2012 and 2013.

London also grabbed up a Silver medal by Dawson Sears who was a previous Southern Ontario Team member in 2012 while St. Thomas scooped a Bronze medal by Brayden Vaughan who is a current 2015 member of the CTF Southern Ontario Team.

The additional 2 Southern Ontario team members are Junior Boy Joshua Bautista from Brampton and Junior Girl Sarah Klassen from St. Catharines.  This year’s coaches will be Fred Harris of London and Maureen Cooper.

London and St. Thomas will be well represented at this year’s 4 Steps to Stardom National Championships!  They have one more step to try and earn top spot at the National Level!

Results will be posted during the tournament on London & District Facebook Group!

We are so proud of you!  Bring home some medals!  LET’S GO S.O.!!


GOLD X 3 for our London Youth!

Three of our London and area youth 10 pin bowlers will represent Southern Ontario at CTF Nationals in Winnipeg, MB in May!  The Ivan Nelson Memorial Youth Championship is an annual tournament in Mississauga which attracts approximately 250 youth from all over Southern Ontario.  These youth all compete for 8 spots (4 girls and 4 boys) on the Southern Ontario Team along with $200 in scholarship.  This year London and district took 3 of those 8 spots which says a lot about the caliber of our youth 10 pin bowlers.  Rebekah Loker (left) and Mykaela Mitchell (middle) bowl out of Bowlerama Royale in London and Brayden Vaughan (right) bowls out of Heritage Lanes in St. Thomas.

3 times GOLD






Left to right…Rebekah Loker, Mykaela Mitchell, Brayden Vaughan


Ivan Nelson Memorial Youth Championship Tournament Director and Southern Ontario Coach, Chris Woolcock is quoted as saying “I start out with 250 smiling faces and end up with only 8!.”  This tournament is one of the most prestigious for our Southern Ontario youth bowlers and the pressure is on to fight for the only 8 spots.  Day 1 is comprised of 6 games total.  Day 1 was bowled on a medium sport pattern (Montreal). Each division qualifies only 8 to move on the Day 2.

After the 1st day London and District had the following bowlers qualify:

  • Bantam Boys – Cole Sitzes – Bowlerama Royale qualifying 1st overall with a total 1060 pins
  • Bantam Girls – Sydney Fargnoli – Bowlerama Royale qualifying 5th overall with a total 869 pins
  • Junior Boys – Brayden Vaughan – Heritage Lanes qualifying 2nd with 1114 pins
  • Junior Boys – Dylan Scott – Bowlerama Royale qualifying 8th with 1030 pins
  • Junior Girls – Rebekah Loker – Bowlerama Royale qualifying 2nd with 1067 pins
  • Intermediate Girls – Mykaela Mitchell – Bowlerama Royale qualifying 6th with 1023 pins
  • Senior Girls – Ashley Quenneville – Bowlerama Royale qualifying 5th with 1071 pins
  • Senior Girls – Victoria Molto – Bowlerama Royale qualifying 7th with 1024 pins

The goal the first day is to make top 8 and move on to the next day.  From there the competition starts all over and the bowlers bowl each of the other 7 bowlers in their division once.  A win will get them 2 points and based on how they score in their division per game they will get 8 points (for high score) and 1 point (for low score (possible 10 points per match).  The lane condition was a short sport pattern (Los Angeles).

We are so very proud of all of our London and District bowlers.  After a very tense and exciting final day we ended up with 3 of 8 Southern Ontario teammates from London and St. Thomas, Rebekah, Mykaela and Brayden:

2015 Southern Ontario Team

Seniors, Kenny Ho, Toronto & Miranda Panas, St. Catharines

Intermediates, Riley Pellerito, Windsor & Mykaela Mitchell, London

Juniors, Brayden Vaughan, St. Thomas & Rebekah Loker, Woodstock

Bantams, Wyatt Scott, Burlington & Sierra Baltzer, Windsor.

Coaches are Gus Badali & Chris Woolcock

Team Manager,  Laurie Gatto.

cole bronze

Cole Sitzes Bronze Medalist Bantam Division

As well, London and District boasts a silver medal in Senior Girls, Victoria Molto (Bowlerama Royale) and a bronze medal in Bantam Boys, Cole Sitzes, (Bowlerama Royale).

Victoria Molto

Victoria Molto Silver Medalist Senior Division



This is Brayden’s first National Competition as a Bantam Boy.  Rebekah has experience competing at the National level as the Bantam Girl member of the Southern Ontario team at YBC Nationals in 2012.  Mykaela has bowled for Youth Team Canada in 2013 winning an International bronze medal in trios in Puerto Rico, she is on the 2015 Canadian Youth Team, was the 2012 and 2010 National CTF Junior and Bantam Girl Champion for CTF as well as the 2012 YBC National Junior Girl Champion.

Great bowling to all of our competitors!

LET’S GO S.O.!!!